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Tower with 13 cm atv attached to the mast and in the turnable upper part a Comet for 2mtr and 70 cm, 6 mtr beam, 2mtr beam, and 2element for 10-15-20 mtrs. Also a FD4 HF to the mast at the other end of the terrain.

Sometimes during the JOTA there is a sponsor who sets up a tele crane. The antenna’s for 13cm and 3cm have a really clear view on 50 mtrs and there is always room for a 2/70 vertical .

HF station of PI4AMG with TS 50 trx and an Amitron AL811-H tube lineair. Next to it a case with a complete 2 mtr station incl. internal battery power supply and antenna, PB1PCH.

HF/2mtr station of PI4AMG, 2mtr FT480R with Daiwa lineair and to the right the FT-DX400 tube trx, PB0AOB.
The Scouts soldering a building project on The Jota
w eekend
The loading portobel foxhunt receivers off the scouting groep .
Prepearing antenne rotator for the fixed mast. The home made remote control for the SGC239 (PB1PCH)
The ATV station controlled by PA1OKZ. Open day voor new members for the scouting group
One swallow doesn’t make a summer. The old mast was replaced by a new one on august the first 2007.


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